750 Sport
on request
originality and attention to detail
perfect technology with one-year warranty

CBX 1000 CB1
10.800 € no VAT
perfect technic
german registration paper

750 S
on request
german registration paper
matching numbers

250 DOHC Type 850
on request
factory prototype with bevel and two camshafts
two ever built factory prototypes

Monaco Ultra Plus
on request
matching numbers
Exhibition vehicle Olympia Motor Show London 1931

1200 R factory warranty
14.680 € no vAT
exhaust SC Project R&G Racing licence plate holder
first class accident free conditions

18.500 no VAT
perfect restored

125 DOHC Typ 852
on request
original frame and engine number
very rare only 32 racer were built

R 69 S
24.900 € no VAT
Hoske exhaust, Kayser cylinder
overhauled engine

OCR 1000
on request
complete history and original
one of the first 5 VAN VEEN OCR 1000

350 Typ 851
36.900 € no VAT
original racing motorcycle ex Bohumil Palicha
bevel 4-stroke OHC

VR 6 Classic
24.900 € no VAT
first Horex VR6 Classic with german registration

EGLI 750 H2 Racer
25.900 € no VAT
very nice unrestored original conditions
very rare Fritz W. Egli has built only 10 H2

450 Desmo
13.900 € no VAT
ready to race
very nice racer

175 CSS-5V
12.900 € no VAT
92 kg and Vmax 170 km/h
ready to race

R 25/2
11.900 € no VAT
fully restored

500 GP Replica
16.900 € no VAT
Yoshimura camshaft, crankshaft finely balanced

750 SF
5.900 € no VAT
matching numbers

TZ 700
on request
very rare
matching numbers

on request
fully restored Yamaha TD3 year 1973
matching numbers

Rapide C Racer
on request
central tube frame
foto documentation about the constrution

Tiger 80
15.800 € no VAT
restored in 2009
english registration papers

Bella R 200
on request
very nice conditions ready to use
german registration papers

Honda CBX 1000 Red Baron
37.900 € no VAT
first-class condition, 90 KW, manufacturer confirmation exists
Single piece, Schüle exhaust system

R 68
on request
fully restored

750 SS
on request
german delivery
we have the original first invoice from 1979

GT 1900
23.900 € no VAT
expert opinion from 2017

U80 406 Cabrio
63.000 € no VAT
agricultural equipment
fast axle as an optional accessory